Coaching to Leader Program

Where are you on your path to becoming a great leader for your business or organization?  With each item, select the level at which you feel you are at right now.  If you would like to step up to your leader potential, contact Karoleen and begin your COACHING TO LEADER program today! 
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Wants to increase his/her income
Wants to increase his/her value
Wants to be more satisfied
Is fulfilled and models it
Wants more time for fun
Has a reserve of time for it all
Wants more friends
Is surrounded by friends
Talks a great talk
Walks the talk well!
Keeps people moving forward
Lets people move him/her forward
Builds a business
Builds a community
Is stuck on the outcome
Enjoys creating the results
Knows what he/she should want
Does what he/she wants
Anticipates and manages change
Innovates, causes change
Solves problems
Stops having problems
Manages resources
Creates additional resources
Minimizes consequences
Turns consequences into advantages
Forces resolutions
Takes path of least resistance
Builds a team
Creates a community of leaders
Needs to be right
Doesn't care who is right/is open
Has high expectations and is optimistic
Has no expectations, uses worst-case plan
Is externally prompted
Is internally motivated
Serves for the good of the firm
Serves for the good of people
Wants perfect packages
Wants strong individuals

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