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"I have been a training manager, district manager and am currently a Senior Financial Advisor.

In all my years, Karoleen is the first resource that has helped me see where I am today and is helping me get where I want to be in the future. 

I thought I could do this career on my own as I have in the past. What Iíve seen is that a second set of eyes and ears has helped me change the way I do business...and how I position myself in this market place and in life.

Thank you for being there with your thoughts and expertise and listening ability."

Mark A. Karpfinger
Deerfield, WI


About All Inspiredís Founder

Karoleenís clients appreciate her Midwestern ďcan doĒ attitude, combined with her strategic, yet sensitive approach and business savvy.

Her background in personal growth development, teaching, business, art, and coaching combined with her rich life experiences make Karoleen especially qualified for business and life mastery coaching.

Karoleen has been inspiring and coaching individuals to reach their dreams since 1983.

She created All Inspired in 2001 to focus on business and life coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, CEOs and sales professionals.

Her coach training is from Coach University, the premiere training institute for coaches around the world. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the Iowa Coaches Association.

Karoleen leads teleforums for companies and affinity groups as well as conducts workshops and delivers powerful keynote addresses for conferences, organizations and businesses.

She uses the Attraction Model in her coaching so that clients are able to achieve their ideal business and personal goals much quicker and with less effort.

Karoleenís diverse coaching business serves Financial Advisors, Sales and Other Professionals, CEOs, Executives, Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants across the United States. 

She has also created a group coaching program that can be used privately as well as by major companies.

A former CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and 15-year veteran financial advisor for American Express Financial Advisors Inc. in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Karoleen consistently helped clients in her Northeast Iowa practice reach their investment goals and financial independence.

Her participation in a senior level studio art class at the University of Northern Iowa followed up by a 70-piece art show the summer of 2000 along with her continued creative projects in watercolor, pastels and acrylics provide an ideal creative edge to her coaching style.

A graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, Karoleen taught preschool handicapped children for 4 years and was responsible for community awareness and parental involvement for seven school districts in North Central Iowa. She continues her ongoing research and study in the personal growth, development and evolvement arena that she has dedicated herself to since 1979.

She and her husband Gary have a blended family of four children and four grandchildren. 

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