Adrenaline Alert Self-Test

I drink caffeinated coffee or drinks to get or keep going.
I eat sugar to calm myself down.
I tend to over-promise and then rush to get it done at the last minute.
I find some way to sabotage myself or a project, yet I usually pull it off.
I tend to take on more than I really want because I feel I can.
I react strongly to the unexpected.
I find myself getting very upset or irritated (whether I show it or not) when people let me down, miss deadlines or do less-than-optimal work. Sometimes I take it personally.
I arrive at work rushed or already "on."
I get grabbed by surprises and disturbances, and then I can't calm down for a day or more.
I feel an inner rush or lack of stillness or peace much of the time.
I am clearly winning at work, yet working very hard.
I'm the kind of person who tends to find the toughest way to get something done.
I drive more than 5 miles over the speed limit, tailgate or criticize other drivers.
I tend to run or arrive late, even if it's not my fault.
I find that I attract more problems and disturbances than I feel I deserve.
Money is currently tight, and I have been working on getting ahead but haven't.
It is difficult to focus on any one thing for more than 10 minutes at a time.
I don't give myself plenty of time during the day for the things that are likely to come up.
I talk a lot even after people have stopped listening.
I please people to the point of feeling compulsive, regardless of appropriateness or cost.
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