Successful Shifts for Entrepreneurs

What shifts are you ready for to make life easier, more profitable and fulfilling? 

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Prioritize the top 3 shifts you would like to make in the next 3 months. 
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Limiting Results


Profitable and Fulfilling Responses
Has many ideas and projects Prioritizes and limits projects
Is project oriented  Is people oriented
Is reactive Is responsive
Takes risks for the thrill  Takes reasonable risks for profit
Operates at the edge financially Has comfortable financial reserves
Needs to make a lot of money  Simply enjoys making money
Is attached to results Lets go of results and outcomes
Has growth driven revenue  Is profit driven
Has feelings that come from winning/losing Has feelings that come from serving
Is a problem solver  Operates problem-free
Is exclusionary  Is inclusive
Starts new projects continuously Takes reasonable break between projects
Works too many hours Lives a balanced life
Is charged up, driven, stressed Works adrenaline-free
Over-promises, under-delivers Under-promises, over-delivers
Works “in” business Works “on” business
Has high expectations, overly optimistic Has reasonable expectations
Has good intentions  Is accountable
Wears self out by trying to do everything Learns to delegate
Exaggerates  Understates

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