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"My time spent with Karoleen proved to be enlightening and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move their career to the next level."

Richard L. Charlet
Geneseo, IL


"Being a financial advisor calls us to be givers and that can lead to neglecting ourselves. Coaching allows you to explore yourself and not lose yourself in the process of helping others.

Karoleen is familiar with my business and I enjoy the upbeat and positive interactions we have. She will push back on things and permit me to rethink how I feel on something which allows me to take better actions and from new perspectives. The coaching process invites me to be reflective. Karoleen provides the safety net that I need to be vulnerable and yet safe enough to work out a new concept or conflict."

Sandra Johnson
Financial Advisor
St. Cloud, MN


"I thought I could do this career on my own as I have in the past. What Iíve seen is that a second set of eyes and ears has helped me change the way I do business...and how I position myself in this marketplace and in life."

Mark A. Karpfinger
Deerfield, WI


"Iím working less and my income is up. I would definitely recommend you talk to Karoleen. Schedule an initial consultation with her and youíll see...youíll want to hire her, too!"

Cheryl J. Olivanti
Virginia, MN 


"Iíve never felt capable of so much before! I would definitely recommend that if you really want to get your business and life to the next level, you need to talk to Karoleen and hire her."

George (Jay) Woerdeman IV
Sagamore Beach, MA

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. What should I do to prepare for my first consultation with Karoleen?
A.  Karoleen usually requests that you write down the 3 goals you would like to work on first and also the top 10 things you are tolerating in your business and life right now that you would like to change or eliminate.

Q. What credit cards may I use?
A. All Inspired accepts Master Card, VISA and American Express.

Q. What can I expect to start happening as a result of coaching? 
A. Here are the Top 7 Benefits that my clients report are their results from coaching:
  • They begin to think more about what they really want from their business and life.
  • They stop doing what is no longer working for them and begin to follow new strategies that do work for them.
  • They stop working so hard at forcing results.
  • They delegate or eliminate those tasks they do not enjoy doing.
  • They use new and better systems.
  • They have more free time to do what they want.
  • They begin to make a lot more money with much less effort.


Karoleen, other than the above, what would you say clients experience as a bonus of coaching?

A. There are two huge bonuses from our coaching programs.  The first one is clients no longer waste time or resources staying stuck on an issue or spinning their wheels.  They bring up their issues so they can move forward quickly.  The other bonus is that most of our clients are the main decision makers for their businesses or projects...they are the "buck stops here" person.  They like not having to "go it alone" on absolutely everything. 


Is there any incentive for me to refer people to you?

A. Yes, my clients pay me two ways: the fees for coaching and also ideal client referrals. 

For every new client that you refer you enter the Coaching Ambassador Bonus Program which gives you value to be used for additional coaching or your current program. 

Make sure when the referrals contact All Inspired, they acknowledge your name.

Q.  How long should I expect this coaching partnership to last?
A. Everyone is unique as to the length of the coaching partnership. 

Many individuals will want to continue their coaching partnership for several years. Some will continue for as long as they are in business. 

Each program has a minimum time commitment designed for your success.

Q. What about confidentiality?
A. Confidentiality is a standard operating procedure for All Inspired Coaching.

Q. How can I get the most out of my coaching? 
A. You need to be ready for coaching. It takes a simple willingness to be coached--to take action and be 100% responsible for your life.

Click here to complete a short coachability index to assist you in getting the most value from your coaching. 


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