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Give up a few beliefs!

Karoleen Fober

Happy New Year! Donít you just love what the ďNew YearĒ
offers...the new calendars waiting for you to make your
choices and schedule events...a nice clean slate...waiting
for you to fill it with what and who you most want to
spend your time with?!

To help make sure you have the year you really want,
how about getting rid of a few beliefs that got in your way
last year!

Most of us carry around a belief or two that really isnít true
and definitely doesnít serve us very well. Here are some
  1.  I donít have time to figure out this new product.
  2.  My clients donít want to pay me a fee or wonít continue
    with me if I raise my fees.
  3. I really canít lose this extra weight.
  4. There is no way I can tell this person ďnoĒ.
  5. This person is not really my ideal client, but I guess I
    should work with him/her anyway.

Recognize yourself in any of these statements? All of us, at
one time or another, have allowed in a negative thought or
statement. O.K., letís take these one by one and see if we
canít shine some light on them, give them up once and for
all, and replace them with better ideas...

1. No time? Why not ask for help from someone in your
office or company that always grabs the new stuff and runs
successfully with it. Buy her lunch or ask him for 10 minutes
over coffee. Call or e-mail the company product people
and tell them you need to know the 5 reasons why someone
would want to buy it, who it best serves and the 3 situations
that would not fit a client.

2. The truth is people really expect to pay you a fee for your
services. They also expect your fees to go up over time.
Donít you expect to pay people a fee when they perform a
valuable service for you? What you do for people is very
valuable. Your client knows it and itís time you gave
yourself permission to not feel guilty for charging your value
and increasing your fees when appropriate.

3. You can lose the weight! Anyone will tell you that has
successfully taken off and kept off any unwanted weight, itís
about eating fewer calories and burning more calories.
What worked for you in the past? Sure, you may have to
increase your exercise or take in fewer calories as you get
older. Bottom line...find your healthy systems and stick to
them. Know, carry out and honor what works for you.

4. To master your life, truly have an interesting, fulfilling
and resentment-free life, you have to get really good at
telling people ďnoĒ. Are you living your life or everyone
elseís? Now is a perfect time for you to take back your life
and only say ďyesĒ to things you really want to do, you know
youíll enjoy, you have time for, and that support your goals
and vision.

5. Stop taking on clients that are not ideal for you. You
know when someone is not ideal for you. It can be tempting,
but in the long run, youíll be glad you stuck to your guns.
Non-ideal clients usually waste your time, may cause lots
of problems and certainly are not as profitable. Even if you
are beginning your business, challenge yourself to follow
this rule.

What other beliefs are you living from that definitely arenít
serving you? Make a list of them. To assist you, it can be
very helpful to ask people that know you what beliefs they
think you have that arenít serving you.

Often, we are not aware of these detrimental beliefs and
ideas. They are quiet little creatures, yet can keep us stuck
for years or even lifetimes. Letís resolve that this year,
2005, we are going to be open to facing and changing
some of our least helpful beliefs.

Iíll raise my glass to that resolution and Iím already making
my list!

Hereís to a fulfilling, fun, profitable and peace-filled 2005!

P.S. I am collecting stories of your successful results
after giving up a negative belief. Some of the best will be
shared in this newsletter for others to learn from. Please
e-mail them to me and I will honor your choice of either
using your name or keeping it anonymous. Thank you for
your generosity!


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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