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Do What You Love!

Karoleen Fober

Happy Valentine’s Day! And to celebrate, I thought it
would be the perfect time to take a look at all of your
business activities and send yourself a Valentine! Stop
doing any of the tasks that you really don’t enjoy doing!

Several of my clients have just completed this overhaul
and I can’t tell you how happy they are about it. Yes, it really
is more than O.K. for you to only do what you love.

Isn’t that a big part of the reason you went into business
for yourself anyway? that you could do what you
want, when you wanted to do it?

And, even if you aren’t the boss, take responsibility for
your situation by finding easier and better ways to complete
tasks. Negotiate with others to make your working tasks
as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some examples that my clients have found they
love to do:
  1. Seeing new or current ideal clients and selling stuff
    and/or advising them.
  2. Calling clients for special occasions like birthdays
    and anniversaries, or to deliver special “value points” and
    tips that the client will appreciate knowing about that
    helps them make good decisions.
  3. High Level Prep work before client appointments.
  4. “Looking ahead” and innovation for business and
    client value deliverables.
  5.  Working with Centers of Influence and high level
    marketing to their ideal client niches.

You can almost guess what the delegation list looks like.
And, I must prepare will have to give up some

Delegation means that the job you are asking them to do
won’t be done exactly the way you do it. Even if you give
someone a script and a step-by-step process, there is an
amount of difference that will be in the equation.

That is O.K. Remember, you don’t like doing these tasks
or they aren’t paying you very well to do come on,
you can do it, you can let someone else do them.

You might even be surprised how well someone else
actually does these tasks. Yes, they might even do them
better than you!

Here are some delegation or deletion examples:

  1. All paperwork.
  2. Compliance work.
  3. Setting appointments.
  4. Basic client prep work like putting the forms together and
    getting the file ready.
  5. Office Administration.
  6. Any client administrative follow-up.
  7. Home Office clarification.
  8. Researching.
  9. Time waster meetings, and conversations.
  10. Commitments that you really don’t want to do.
  11. Any tedious part of completing financial plans.
  12. Spending time with people outside of your ideal client
    profile and niche markets.

You’re getting the picture. What will your lists look like?
Once you come up with your lists, I want to challenge you

Do you want to really love your work and business?
Go through the first list again, and look for tasks that still
don’t need to be done by you and could actually be done
by someone else.

I guarantee you will start loving what you do and looking
forward to your days instead of dreading them or being
exhausted most of your career.

The fact is, tasks that you aren’t getting paid your highest
value will drain you and your business.

Here’s to loving what you do and doing what you love,

P.S. While we’re on the subject of love, make sure
everyone that you love knows it!


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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