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No More Winging It!

Karoleen Fober

As I talk with financial advisors all across the country one
of the questions I ask them is if they always have, follow,
and check off items on their client appointment prep form.

You guessed it! And, you may be squirming in your chair
right now. Often times, there is a complete silence at the
other end of the phone line.

I am still shocked at the number of people who arenít using
a client prep form and if they are using one they arenít
following it or they donít check off the items as they go.


No wonder they keep missing their income goals and
arenít getting more referrals! If there is one thing that
could easily help you get what you want, it is doing this
rather simple task.

And, maybe that is why it is missing. Maybe you think you
shouldnít need it.

Letís face it, when you get in front of a client, there is
plenty to talk about and itís easy to forget what you wanted
to accomplish.

Your clients will start talking about their dog or their kids
or grandchildren. The next thing you know you are racking
your brain to figure out what all you intended to do!

Professionals that donít have their tools with them canít do
what they do best and your client appointment prep form is
a critical tool. Hey, even Jay Leno and David Letterman
have their notes and teleprompters!

So, round it up. If the form that is available to you is too
incomplete or worse yet, too complicated, create a simple
and effective one that works best for you.

And, hereís a tip that always worked for me and that is
why I was always receiving dynamite referrals. They
didnít call me the Referral Queen for nothing!

Asking for ideal referrals was the first item on my prep form.
A lot of business owners donít bother to put it on the agenda
or leave it for last.

I promise you, if youíre leaving it for last, Iím going to take
a wild guess and say that you donít ask! Anyway, thatís
what my research tells me time after time.

So, the action steps are simple:
  1. Get or create a dynamite client appointment prep form
    or agenda and USE it EVERY appointment.
  2. Make sure asking for referrals is at the top of the list.
  3. Do and Check off each item. The client will like this.
    It will give an importance and urgency to the meeting
    and you wonít be wasting time wondering what all you
    wanted to cover with them.
  4. Notice your sales and referrals increasing and how
    much better you feel cause you are doing a much better
    job for your clients.

No more ďwingingĒ it!


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owners and other successful professionals.

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