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Focus on the Opportunities!

Karoleen Fober

I have had several readers contact me and say they were
having trouble with preparing for their client appointments
after they had decided to make every appointment a
“closing” appointment vs. a “review” appointment and had
now blocked out the time to do client preparation.

(For those that aren’t financial advisors, the questions and
process still applies. Just change the words for your own
particular industry.)

Here’s the key!...Focus on the opportunities! Become
someone that is a Master of Focusing on the Opportunities.
Look for ways that your client could have an ideal financial

Here’s a list of questions and items to look for:

1. What are your clients strengths? Make a list of these
for future references and share this with them.

Are they good short-term savers? Point this out to them and
then challenge them to save more to create and work
toward their ideal.

Have they done a pretty good job of actively saving for
retirement? Acknowledge your clients for what they are
doing right and then make requests for them to upgrade.
Say, “You are such a great saver, I know you will want to
take advantage of such and such new product!”

This may seem a little elementary. However, if your clients
don’t have enough cash means your clients
don’t have enough cash reserves.

Could be a BIG problem for them at any given point. Take
care of it!

2. What are their weaknesses? Always make sure you
have given them 2-3 positives before you bring up a negative.
Remember, you want them to be able to “hear” you.

Do they really need more life insurance? And, if they have
been putting off their long term care insurance, don’t let
them by with this. Tell them that you are not going to let
procrastination get in the way of taking care of them!

Let them know how important it is to you personally and
what you want for them is to have a totally fool proof
and fail safe financial plan. Tell them you want to stop
worrying about them!

3. Look for any gaps in any part of their situation. It is
so helpful to grab a list of products and services that you
offer and make sure they are taking advantage of the
ones that are appropriate for them.

Make sure these go on the agenda of your client prep
form. If it is a glaring gap or even somewhat dangerously
missing from their situation, you or your assistant may
want to give them an urgent call and get it taken care of.

Your client will always remember you for that. Let them
know you are “watching their back.”

4. If you feel you are weak in any area of their plan and
want some help, don’t hesitate to contact someone in your
Home Office or a more veteran advisor that is familiar
with what you are wondering about.

If you are wondering about it, that is a sign that your client
probably needs it. Figure out a way to make it right with the
other advisor’s time and expertise and schedule time on it
and learn what you need to know.

It will be an important investment in your time and resources.

5. And, if you still feel you aren’t very good at finding these
opportunities, again, partner with someone a lot more
successful than you are and ask for HELP! Learn how to
be the Detective of Opportunity.

Watch and listen how they do it. You’ll pick it up fast.

As always, looking with you for the opportunities!


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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