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Are the Reasons for Your Goals “Juicy” Enough?

Karoleen Fober

This last week I’ve noticed several clients that keep writing
the same action steps on their prep forms for several weeks
in a row.

I asked this question, “What is this goal or action step
about for you, anyway?...Why do you want to do this?”

Well, you can imagine their responses...”I should do it...It is
something I just need to do...blah, blah, blah.”

The responses were low energy responses and it
occurred to me that they were just not good enough reasons.

In fact, I didn’t blame them for not doing them. I wouldn’t
want to do them either unless I had a really good reason.

Time for some challenging!

If you find yourself continuously telling yourself you need
to be doing something or wondering why you are not getting
a task accomplished, take a step back and ask yourself
if you have a good enough reason for doing it.

In fact, I will go so far as to say you need to have several
great reasons for doing it.

It’s like building a fire. You don’t light a single twig and
expect it to become a fire that will provide substantial
warmth. You must find several pieces of wood of
reasonable size to make sure the fire will keep going.

So, create several reasons that have a lot of impact ..they
put a “fire” under you to get them accomplished.

Make them “juicy”! Create the feelings and results that
will happen when you complete the task. Find specific
reasons that are bonuses for you that draw you toward

For example, let’s say you need to complete a project at
work. Here are some “Juicy” Reasons for getting it done...
1. It will feel so good to have it done. I will be able to
relax and enjoy my weekend. I will treat myself to that new
movie that I wanted to see.
2. I will reward myself with a new plant for my garden or a
new pair of shoes that I would love to wear when it is
3. I will love having all of those materials cleared out of
my way.
4. I will learn tons by completing this and be able to share
it with my top clients and colleagues.
5. I will get paid really well because it will be ready to sell.
6. I will get acknowledged by my manager and/or
colleagues because of my efforts and new expertise.
7. When I get this project done, I will be ready for the next
project which is what I’m most interested in anyway.
8. This project will be easier and more interesting than
I think it will. I’m going to be aware of the good
surprises that I don’t expect.

Are your reasons “juicy enough”?

Here’s the acid test! When you are going over your newly
created juicy reasons, you begin to feel like you can’t
wait to get started... and you go ahead and get started!

Have fun creating your “juicy” reasons and let me know
what all you are accomplishing!



About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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