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Be Attractively Confidant!

Karoleen Fober

I recently returned from California where I met a young
woman that had been with her financial planning company
for 1 and 1/2 years.

I asked how her first year went. She responded, “Pretty
well, actually...I was number one out of all the first year
people in the country!” You can imagine how excited I
was to talk with her more!

I asked her what her secrets were and she said, “I simply
followed the steps I was given....I did that and got lucky
with some great prospects!”

She also shared that she was told by several people in
her company that she probably wouldn’t make it. I asked
her what she thought about and did as a result of being
told this.

She said she didn’t agree with them and in fact their
comments fueled her to have an, “I guess I’ll show them”
attitude. And she did!

It is also important to let you know that she was enjoyable
to talk with. She smiled a lot and her face became
animated when she talked. I could tell that she was
passionate about what she did and really enjoyed her
work and her clients.

I could easily see how someone would feel immediately
comfortable with her and would want to work with her.

She was attractively confident about herself and her work.

I got the feeling that she knew her stuff and would do a
good job for whomever she worked for. She talked about
her clients and the specific characteristics she loved
about certain ones.

Bottom line, she had totally jumped in with both feet and
you could tell that it didn’t matter what anyone said about
her, she was loving her work and the people she was
meeting. Totally attractive!

So, I have some questions for You!
1. Are you totally excited about your work and your clients?
2. Do you talk about how much you love the work you do
and the wonderful traits of your clients?
3. Does it matter to you what others say about you and your
potential for business success?
4. Are you attractively confidant about yourself and your

How did you answer?

You are in charge of how you come across. If it’s time to
do a quick makeover and “buff” yourself up, take care of
this now!

Until next time,


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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