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Introduction to Your Life!

Karoleen Fober

Yes, Iíd like to introduce you to YOU! This may sound a little
strange, but I discovered that a lot of people are so busy
with certain areas of their life, that they forget or leave out
other key areas. They often wonder why they arenít happy
or feel better than they do.

Once we cover the 9 major areas of a personís life, they
usually respond by saying, ďNo wonder, Iím feeling the
way I do!Ē

Hereís the list of what the 9 areas of a personís life are:

1. Career/Work
2. Money/Finances
3. Health/Well Being
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Significant Relationship/Intimacy
7. Personal Growth/Spirituality
8. Fun & Recreation
9. Physical Environment

As we go through them a bit together, rank your level of
satisfaction with each area of your life. You may want to
consider what area(s) you have neglected and would like
to give some of your attention and energy to.

1. Career/Work area: This is the obvious one that most
people focus on. I have a friend that is considering a new
job and I asked her if this job would allow her to be happy
while she was carrying out the tasks of this job. She wasnít
sure what I meant. Yes, we really can choose work that
truly makes us happy. While she was focusing on the
money, she is also now thinking of her happiness and
fulfillment factor as well as considering if she will be
satisfied with the income.

Or, are you spending too much time at your work or
business? Yes, this is where it is common and sometimes
acceptable and downright encouraged to be a workaholic.
The truth is, however, many people that spend a lot of time
at work or on work are not always very productive and donít
have the balance in their life that theyíd like and need .

2. Money/Finances: How do you feel about your money
situation? Do you have enough reserves? Do you enjoy
your money? Do you need to learn more about proper
saving and investing? I was a financial advisor for 15 years
and Iím still amazed how many people do not feel strong
in this area or have a positive and responsible relationship
with money and their financial situation.

3. Health/Well Being: This would seem like the most
obvious area to focus on as it is about your physical body...
you know, the one you take with you everywhere you go?!
Yet, many of us act as though it is separate from us! Hmmm.

Iíll never forget working with someone several years ago.
They were frequently skipping eating and slept very few
hours each night. They didnít understand why they were
having so much trouble concentrating on their work and
wondered why they werenít functioning very well in the
other areas of their life

4. Family: Are you as close as youíd like to be with your
family members? Have you allowed yourself to heal
issues or are you still carrying them around with you?
Do you spend time with the people you love the most?
What family members would you like to have a better
relationship with?

5. Friends: Yes, this is actually a valid area of your life. I
come across people that because of concentrating too
much time on work or family, have very few or no real
friendships. This is a mistake as each person needs those
relationships that provide the gifts of life that only a friend
can give. Take notice of those people that you are easily
attracted to and ask them to lunch, to a movie, go shopping,
golfing or a walk. Youíll both be glad you did!

6. Significant Relationship/Intimacy: There are times we
simply donít communicate our needs and feeling to our
spouses or partners. Sometimes learning to use better
communication skills can change these key relationships.
How would you rate your key intimate relationship?

7. Personal Growth/Spirituality: Many people are
ďawakeningĒ to their spiritual needs and personal growth
area. You may find yourself asking deeper questions about
yourself and the world. This is a an area that brings
rejuvenation and perspective to create the space and
structure to have more balance and peace in your life.

8. Fun and Recreation: Believe it or not, this is the area
many people neglect or leave out of their lives. I love
asking people what they do for fun. Occasionally, I get this
response: ďI donít know, I guess I donít have that much fun.Ē
Being able to have fun and be light-hearted is one of the
areas you must have in your life for balanced fulfillment.
The science and medical community have proved the
importance of fun and laughter in healing.

When it comes right down to it, I think a lot of people are
begging to have a lot more fun in life. I know I am! : )

9. Physical Environment: Yes, this is actually one of the
areas of your life! How does yours look and feel? Are you
comfortable and safe in your environment? Whatís your
car, office, and home look like? Do you have areas of
clutter that are draining you?

One of my coaching colleagues had a client that wasnít
being productive and was feeling stuck in many areas of his
life. She asked her client what shape his environment was
in and he reported to have very chaotic and cluttered
surroundings. After agreeing to clean up his messes, he
had an amazing increase in energy and was able to be
creative and productive again.

Why is it so important to include all 9 of these key areas
into your life? Because life can throw us a lot of curves and
by including all 9 key areas, when one or two areas of your
life are stressful or full of conflict, you can rely on the other
areas for relief, support and balance.

When things are a bit out of control at work, youíll be glad to
have family members, friends, or your partner to rely on for
support. If you have neglected these areas, it can be pretty
devastating and lonely.

Some of my clients spend too many hours at their office
doing tasks they donít enjoy. I remind them they must have
time to rejuvenate. Thatís where Fun and Recreation and
Health and Well Being come in. If you donít make time for
having fun and rest your brain, body and spirit from working,
you wonít be fresh and alert to handle everything and be
at your best.

If you donít make time to innovate in your business, youíll
probably miss the new opportunities that are right under your
nose, because you havenít created the time and space for
them to land!

Look over the 9 Key Areas of your life and notice which
one(s) need attention. Which ones are strong and you feel
good about? Give yourself credit for what is working in
your life and be gentle with yourself on what youíd like
to improve.

Hereís to you and giving some attention to all 9 Key Areas
of your life!,


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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