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What would you like to upgrade?

Karoleen Fober

This is one of my favorite questions to ask both clients and
those in a casual social setting. I love to watch their faces
as people consider this question and linger with the silence
as they process the possibilities and formulate their answer.

In fact, this is a question I regularly ask myself. I fine tune
my business plan and personal life throughout the year with
this question.

In the last newsletter, I introduced you to the 9 Key Life
Areas. Today, I want to ask you how you would upgrade
the following key areas of your life?: Career/Work;
Money/Finances; Health/Well Being; Family; Friends;
Significant Relationship; Personal Growth/Spirituality;
Fun and Recreation; Physical Environment.

While this could be a HUGE process, often times it works
very well to isolate one area of your life and do one thing
in this area and upgrade that! Clients always remark when
they have upgraded just one thing, they feel so good,
refreshed, proud of themselves for improving their life
in just one way!

And, it usually has a positive snowball effect as they consider
what next...and on and on! No wonder people love to be
coached. They love improving their lives and experiencing the
benefits of their actions.

So, in your business/work, what would you love to upgrade?
  1. Do you need to raise your fees?
  2. Do you need to write down your business plan so you
    can use it as a blueprint to follow easily all year?
  3. Do you need to retrain your staff so they arenít turning
    off your clients and prospects?
  4. Do you need to have your appointment prep sheet placed
    in the files so youíll remember to use it?
  5. Do you need to define your ideal client, write it down, and
    share it with your clients and staff?
  6. Do you need to stop talking to people that drain your
  7. Do you need to hire another person in your office so you
    can delegate the tasks that you canít afford to be doing?

Pick another area of your life and decide what you would
like to upgrade.

  1. Does your environment need to be free of clutter?
  2. Do you need to have a better savings system to have
    plenty of reserves when it comes time to fund your
    retirement accounts and pay income taxes?
  3. Do you need to upgrade your health by adding an
    exercise program to your schedule?
  4. Do you need to learn a few communication techniques
    to improve your business and personal relationships?
  5. Do you need better friends?...ones that respond to you
    the way youíd like?
  6. Do you need to declare some new boundaries with your
    family so you have time for yourself?

These are some examples of how you may want to upgrade.
What area of your life is calling your name? No matter what
area you choose to upgrade, it will provide a positive effect
on your entire life.

This stuff makes me so happy, Ďcause as you know, I love it
when people get what they want, both in their personal and
business lives. So,...shoot me an e-mail of what you are
choosing to upgrade and how itís going!

Thanks ahead of time for sharing your good news with me!

Loviní the upgrades!


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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