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What Do You Trust That You Know?

Karoleen Fober

Last week, I rented the movie, “Stroke of Genius”, the
story of Bobby Jones.

As you might already know, Bobby Jones is considered
by many to be the best golfer to have ever lived. He is the
only person so far to have won the Grand Slam of golf,
winning all four major tournaments in the same calendar
year. The year was 1930 and he was only 28 years old.

While that in itself is incredible, what blew me away, was
that he always played as an amateur...he never turned pro.
That’s right, he never took the money when he won the

And, he did any practicing after the hours of working as
an attorney. There are other factors, too, that make it
almost impossible to win, let alone play, as he was
experiencing health problems that included hand

There is a point in Bobby Jones life when he decided to
give up playing in tournaments to have more time with his
family and pay attention to his health.

Soon after this, he admits to himself and his wife that he
“knows” that he has to play the major tournaments that
year because he “knows” he is going to win them. At first
she is angry at him but soon supports him as she can
sense that he is serious about this and there is no talking
him out of it.

He knows he has to do this. There is no question in his

What in your life have you “known” you were supposed
to do and you trusted yourself to go out there and do it?
And, you went and successfully completed it!

What right now do you “know” that you are meant to do
and your whole being knows it and is determined to do it?

It may seem impossible to others and even your own logic,
but every time you try to put it out of your mind, it simply
keeps coming back, maybe even stronger than ever.

Whatever it is, I want to request that you take some action
toward completing it. Find ways to figure out what you
need to do about it even if they are small steps. Go for it!

Trust yourself to know when the timing is right for you and
what you want to accomplish. Is there a book in you that
you know you must write? Is there a level of performance
that always calls you but you give up somewhere along
the way?

What Bobby Jones did and what you can do, too, is simply
listen to yourself and your sense and feeling of things.
Don’t ignore these senses and feelings. He threw off all
the reasons why it was logically impossible. He could
have found plenty of good reasons not to listen to himself
and he still would have had a pretty darned good life.

But the human being and human soul has a wonderful
wired-in desire to live from “Greatness.” He knew that it
was his time and this incredible feat was his to do.

He simply was willing to go out and do it and accepted the
almost impossible challenge...something no one had
ever done before or has done since.

Yes, I get a few goose bumps every time I think about this.
Maybe you do, too.

Why? Because we all want to do the great things we
were born to do!

We all think about the great things we want to do and we
usually end up talking ourselves out of it or let someone
else talk us out of it.

My challenge to you, is simply stop talking yourself out of
all the reasons why it’s not a good idea or you are scared
to do it, or....whatever reason is stopping you!

Take it on! Ask for help! Let yourself have fun figuring out
the impossible! It will change your life. You will inspire
people and in ways you may never know.

Bobby Jones died in 1971, yet he continues to inspire
people through the way he lived his life and by how he
played the game of golf and simply trusting what he “knew”.

What are the things you “know” you must do? Make a
list and get at it!

Until next time,


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