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Are People Stealing Your Time?

Karoleen Fober

I have been asked by many clients how to prevent people
from stealing their time. My answer is, ďPeople donít steal
your time, you are choosing to give it away.Ē

Anytime we are in a situation that we are not comfortable
with or donít like the way itís going and we feel we are
wasting our time, it is simply up to us to take charge of
our time and our conversations.

There are many options in taking care of this. We can
instruct that person by letting them know you have to
honor another commitment at this time....even if you
havenít been able to get closure on something.

If you are having trouble with this in your own life, you
probably donít have enough effective boundaries to
protect your time.

And, if we donít have boundaries in place, it might mean
that we donít have the proper attitude about our own
value and how we value our time.

I will often ask clients where this is happening, do you
have an ideal schedule and are your following it? Are you
clear on what results you need to have to reach your

If you are not, you may be wasting your own time!

You must be clear with yourself and others about what you
are trying to accomplish and let them know when they are
not providing the results that you expect.

Iíll never forget when my piano instructor stopped me in the
middle of a song and said to me, ďYour job is to learn the
notes to the song before the lesson!Ē I had arrived at my
piano lesson poorly prepared. I had not learned the song
or practiced it enough.

She was so right to clarify for me again what my job was
because I was clearly not doing my job. She told me firmly
that it was not her job to teach me this song or sit through
it as I tried to learn it.

I was wasting her time and she was right to tell me. From
that very lesson, I never again arrived poorly prepared. I
was so grateful that she cared enough about her own time
to insist that I understand what her time was about and
what I needed to be doing with my time for our partnership
to most effective.

I will always be grateful to this particular piano teacher. I
am a much better pianist because of her. It was a great
lesson that has effected my whole life. I believe that I am
a much better person and coach because of what I
learned that day.

So, how are you choosing to spend your time? Take the
actions that you need to so that you will never again feel
like anyone is wasting your time.

Hereís to honoring our value and our time,


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
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owners and other successful professionals.

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