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Do You Make Progress Every Day?

Karoleen Fober

Are you making progress in your life? Every week and
every day, are you completing steps that will lead you to
what you want and dream about?

It’s the great answer to the old “How do you eat an
elephant?” question...”one bite at a time!”

Yes, that’s right. Every major goal you might want to
experience or achieve is usually made up of several,
if not many, steps.

In fact, it is important when you create your goals, that you
begin to immediately make a list of the things that begin
to come to mind that you or someone will need to do to
get the goal accomplished.

It is then from this perspective that is easiest to begin.
Why? Because, now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
You begin to see the steps that are easy or simple for you
to do.

You can then take action and also get to experience the
feelings of success and accomplishment as you check
them off your list.

Yes, it feels GREAT when you do this...You Are Making
Progress! This allows you to feel closer to the end of the
goal and allows you to enjoy the journey. It also bolsters
you and you can leverage your confidence into some of
the maybe tougher steps or ones that don’t seem quite
as easy or doable as some of the others.

And, when you see a step that seems too hard or
unmanageable, it is time to break it down even further
into more doable steps.

Or, bring in some help. Ask others if they can see any
additional steps that might be important or helpful in
reaching your goals.

And, the tip that is most often skipped? Acknowledge and
celebrate your progress. This is a natural part of the
process and yet many often deny themselves this part. It
allows you to rest a bit and rejuvenate. It allows you to be
able to build up the next amount of required energy for
your next steps.

If all you allow yourself to look forward to is work, work, work
and next step, next step, next step....well, what fun is that?
That wasn’t even fun to type! : )

We all need times to rest and enjoy the experience of how
far we have come.

So, grab your list of goals or create your list. Then, take a
sheet of paper and start writing down all the steps it will
take and choose the ones you’d like to take care of first.

Celebrate when you have completed them by calling or
e-mailing a friend that you know will be willing to rejoice
with you, take time out to read a chapter of that novel you
want to read this summer, treat yourself to a trip to a new
store you’d like to check out, or call and get tickets to a
play that caught your eye in the newspaper.

Schedule your next fun experience, whatever suits your
fancy, and give yourself permission to feel Great.

You more than deserve it.

Here’s to making progress in getting what you want!

P.S. Hey, who out there has a really big goal that they
would love some help on? Or maybe you have made
some great progress and you’d like to share it with me.
Simply e-mail me a short note with your situation and
where you are at with it. I would love to support you!

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