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Face the Numbers!

Karoleen Fober

One of the things that I avoided in my early years of my
career as a financial advisor and what many of my clients
also seem to want to skip over is,.... the bottom line
numbers of their business.

There are probably several reasons for this, yet when I
think back and become brutally honest with myself, I can
admit that it was because I was probably way behind
my goal, didn’t have the confidence I needed, and so of
course was stalling in figuring out what the heck I
needed to do next to turn myself around!

Can anyone out there identify with this?

Yes, honesty can be golden and it is really the step that it
takes to even be able to turn yourself around and go in the
direction of your dreams and goals and make the progress
you want.

When I faced the numbers and finally figured out what I
needed to do, such as qualifying my leads better, making
enough phone calls and having the right amount of
appointments, and what I needed to accomplish in my
appointments, then things began to turn around.

Whether you are newly in your business or a seasoned
veteran reinventing your business, this is going to be key.

And, until you have the appropriate confidence in yourself,
you’ll just be going through the motions...probably wasting
a lot of your energy.

So, the first step is really figure out a way to create your
confidence level to where it needs to be. Find someone
that sees your potential and ask them to help you. And,
do whatever you need to do to create the right energy for
each task of your business.

Invest in is a coaching resource that will help you see
your value and live from that in your business and
personal life. Get a book, listen to a tape, have a trusted
friend work with you.

Even if you can only afford a couple of months, hire a great
coach and make sure they see your potential and that
building your confidence is one of your top goals!

When I am contacting ideal potential clients, I make sure
I am very “on” in my delivery. I make sure that my mind
set is very positive, very assumptive that they would
“love” to be coached by me!

And, if you don’t really believe, it, well, that is your
homework. You must believe in your value or no one
else will. What really turned me around in business
is when I was unshakeable in my belief of my own value.

And, when you know your own value, you won’t have to
avoid looking at your numbers. You’ll know what you
need to do to be successful.

So, let’s get at those numbers and make them something
you look forward to working with!

One of the easiest ways to do this is figure out how much
money you want to make in the year and divide it by 12
(for the 12 months in the year.) Weekly numbers can be
broken down from this.

I personally love to work on a monthly basis because you
have a pretty large amount of time to create your
strategies. Then it is “your game!” Play it the way you

I know plenty of successful business owners that do it this
way. They and their staff are totally inspired to see how
quickly and well they can produce the business they need.

It makes work fun! It keeps everyone inspired! Your clients
feel the positive energy and want to take part! People
begin loving Mondays!

How great will you feel if you are able to produce the whole
months quota in 2 weeks, or 1 week, or even a couple of
days?! It’s is soooo possible and much more probable
that you’ll blow your goals out of the water, if you begin
looking at your business this way!

Don’t take my word for it....try it! You’ll begin to really like
it! You’ll see how easy, simple and fun your business can
really be!

There’s several bonuses! You’ll be able to take this
strategy with you anywhere for any task!

And, you’ll be able to allow yourself to feel good and
relaxed as you meet your goals earlier and earlier and
begin to marvel at all the opportunity you are creating!

You can leave your office anytime you want with your head
held high and no worries about what you should have
been doing! You’ll be able to totally concentrate on your
friends or family and what you are doing outside of the
office without feeling guilty that you aren’t in your office!

Some great bonuses, if you ask me! : )

So, face and keep track of your numbers. It will totally
free you up and lead you directly to incredible success!

Your partner in success,

Copyright 2004-2005, Karoleen Fober


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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