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Gauge and Evaluate Your Goals!

Karoleen Fober

How are you doing on your 2005 business and personal

We’re past the midyear mark for the year and one of the
best actions you can take is to evaluate where you are
in relationship to where you want to be for the year.

By checking in and really looking at where you are, it
makes it easier to know what to tweak or change.

I’m amazed how many times when I talk to people, when
they don’t really know where they are in relationship to
their goals. It’s scary and downright difficult to try and stay
on course when you don’t even know what you should be
doing next!

Imagine going on a trip and losing your map! You
wouldn’t know when to turn right or left. You wouldn’t
know if you were going to make it on time. Imagine the
stress on your body as you kept driving and all you had
to rely on was the hope that you would make it to where
you wanted to go!

So, what do your gauges and reports say? How close are
you to meeting your intended results? Many of my clients
have a quarterly scorecard. This is a great tool to study to
know what you might want to alter and tweak.

If you don’t have a report that you receive automatically,
make a simple one for yourself. Date it and check it at
least quarterly.

Many of my clients have created a monthly gauge for
themselves. They know where they are at every day.
They know how much business they need in the span of
30 days.

They like this particular time frame. It is big enough to give
them plenty of time to accomplish what they want to do and
yet small enough that gives them time to feel the sense of
accomplishment often.

If they are behind one month, they have plenty of time to
kick it up and make changes and improvements.

If they are ahead, it gives them the wonderful choice of what
to do with the extra time. They can choose to take some
time off, they can choose to reward themselves and their
staff with something special. They can go for a huge goal
or project and really amaze themselves with their potential.

That’s when it can really be fun! If you are ahead of your
goals, you can start asking questions like, “Now what?”

This question allows you to tap into what you really, really
want. It allows you the confidence to approach your
market with more edge and risk where the rewards may
be greater!

It even allows you to take some time off without guilt!
Hello!? When was the last time you did that? : )

By using your gauge you’ll be able to stay in the moment.
It will be so much easier to know what to do next!

There is nothing like being “at choice” versus at “have to”.

Being “at choice” allows you the luxury and fun of
reinventing yourself if you want to. It allows you to read a
favorite book, take off a day when the weather is perfect
for a golf game or an outing to the pool with family or

So, evaluate and gauge where you are to meet all of
your goals. Live the way you want to. If you are
behind and would like some help to catch up and get
back on track, give me a jingle or send me an e-mail.

Your partner in getting what You want,

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About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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