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The Intention of Winning!

Karoleen Fober

Tiger Woods recently won the British Open. As I was
listening to the TV commentary after he had won, I noticed
one particular statement.

The man said, ďTiger is the only one to start the tournament
with the mindset that he intends to win.Ē

I really love that, donít you?

And, there is more to this story. On further discussion
with my husband, Gary, who loves the game of golf, he
told me that since Tiger was a kid, he has followed Jack
Nicklaus and his golf career.

Jack Nicklaus won 10 Majors by the age of 31. Early on,
Tiger Woods decided that he wanted to win 10 Majors by
the time he reached the age of 30. He achieved that goal
on July 17, 2005 at the age of 29!

On that same day, Jack Nicklaus retired with winning
18 Majors. More than any other person to date. Tiger
intends to win 19 Majors by the time he retires.

Do you have any doubt that he will? I certainly donít!

So, what is intending all about?

You must set your expectation. Energetically, that is an
incredibly powerful action step. You set the energy space
for what it is you want.

Think about Tiger Woods setting his intention way back
when he was just a kid! He has moved forward every day
of his life carrying these particular thoughts. And, as we
now know, thoughts are energy.

Whatever you decide your intention is, it then guides you
everywhere in your every every
interaction...and in every decision that you make.

You also have to believe that it is totally possible that your
intention is reachable.

Notice I didnít say that other people have to believe itís
possible. Itís nice if other people think itís possible, and
this can be very helpful, yet itís not a requirement.

In fact, you will want to realize from the get-go that you
will probably make a lot of people uncomfortable when
they find out what you are up to.

It may scare them when they find out what high intentions
and goals you might have. Know this is something youíll
need to be willing to deal with here and there.

So what are you intending? Whatever it is, make sure you
put qualifiers on it. Remember, Tigerís very specific
numbers of tournaments won and by when. He was very
clear about it. This is not something you want to be wishy
washy about....unless you want wishy washy results.

Here are some examples:

1. I will weigh a certain weight by a certain date.
2. I will have my book done by the end of the year and the
first chapter will be done by the end of the month.
3. I will work with only ideal clients that have a certain
dollar amount to invest.
4. We will have an extraordinary receptionist hired by
the end of the month.

I love the simplicity and clarity of intentions. I love how it
frees you up to then move toward your important action
steps that will draw you to your success.

What is your winning intention? Get started or make
progress today!

Hereís to your intention!

Copyright 2004-2005, Karoleen Fober

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