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Do You Love Your Purpose and Love to Evolve?

Karoleen Fober

One of my clients said to me recently, “You know Karoleen,
I love my purpose and I love to evolve!”

Hearing him say that absolutely took my breath away. It
made my body tingle just to hear him say it. You know, I
tell everyone that I have the best clients in the world and
this is an example of what they say! I am such a lucky

Now, can you imagine being his client and getting to work
with him? That kind of energy and positive thinking,
feeling, talking, and behaving is VERY ATTRACTIVE!

It’s the easiest and best way for him to have a fabulous
business. People WANT to be his client. And, by the way,
this particular financial advisor recently increased his fee
amount and his minimum guideline of invest able assets
that you have to have to work with him!

Yep, he upgraded his business, while admitting that he
was a wee bit uncomfortable doing so. He still did it.
He was willing to evolve his business even when he
wasn’t 100% comfortable.

How did he do it? He’s in LOVE with evolving! He’s in
LOVE with his purpose of serving ideal clients. This
passion allows him to do things even when he’s
uncomfortable or it feels “new and different”.

And, this ability to DO THINGS when it feels

See how simple this “evolvement” thing is?

That’s why I love evolving, too! It’s simple and the rewards
are BIG!!!!

So, go ahead! Make that change in your business that you
are thinking about. Even if it feels uncomfortable or new
or different. Those feelings will turn into good feelings
after you take action and start getting better results for
yourself and your clients!

Here’s to loving your purpose and loving to evolve!


P.S. Do you need to evolve your business, yet feel a bit
stuck? Get the help that’s waiting for you! Call me and
find out if you have what it takes to be my ideal client and
start getting more of what you want!

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About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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