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Are You Creating Obstacles?....

I was talking to one of my clients the other day who is a financial
advisor.  He was listening to some other advisors talk about some of the
reasons it would be difficult to be successful with one of the new
services their company was offering.

He listened for a while and finally responded that they were creating
more obstacles that didnít even exist and talking themselves into not
succeeding with a new service.

Instead, he had looked at the new service and focused on why it was a
good service for him and his clients and how easy it would be to offer
and carry out.  He was actually looking forward to sharing it with his
best clients and felt it would be a great door opener for his ideal
market niche.

Anytime you start a project or want to try something new, do you
sabotage yourself by creating all of the reasons why it wonít work or
why people wonít like it?  Do you find yourself still thinking about it
two weeks later, instead of down the road on your project taking actions
with confidence?

As I was getting ready to launch this newsletter, I had a few moments of
creating some pretty elaborate obstacles that might get in my way.
After a few minutes of dragging my feet, I had almost talked myself out
of even doing it!  Then, I remembered my clientís story and realized
that I needed to change my focus to why I would enjoy this project and
how it could be easy, fun and fulfilling.  A much better and helpful

What project is still sitting on your desk or haunting you at night?
Get started now  by focusing on why it will go well, keeping it simple
and allow everyone involved to win.

Your partner in focusing on the good stuff,


About the author: Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach. She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business owners and other successful professionals to lead inspirational lives.

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