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Be Responsible for Your Confidence!

Karoleen Fober

Remember the question from the last newsletter? “If you
had more confidence, what would you do in your business
that you aren’t doing now?”

Several advisors emailed me with questions about how to
quickly increase their confidence levels.

Kudos to those that wrote for taking responsibility for their
own confidence levels by asking how to improve!

Confidence is a huge factor to be aware of and is directly
related to the overall success or lack of success in your
business and life.

The feeling of confidence has its own powerful energy.
Others can pick up on your confidence level because it
comes across in the way you talk and behave. And, those
that are good at “reading” other’s energy can feel the
difference instantly.

Having a high confidence level will attract people to you
and make business results easier and better. A low
confidence level will repel people and don’t be surprised if
they don’t sign up for what you are offering!

So, you can see, that it is important to do what it takes to be
comfortable and confident in everything that you do.

Most of my clients and readers are successful and quite
confident in what they do, yet there is one area that can
cause some “twinges” in anyone’s confidence level.

You guessed it...Marketing! Why? Because there is the
risk of rejection and that naturally feels uncomfortable if not
downright bad to most people!

So, it is critically IMPORTANT to check your confidence
level when you are “closing” business (that’s asking for
the business for those of you not in sales) and of course
when you are actively marketing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of
confidence, you’ll want to make sure you are at least an 8,
9, or preferably a 10 when it comes to these two events.

If you’re confidence level is at a 4, 5, or 6, do not , I repeat,
do not make that call or sit down to that appointment until
you are at least an 8! If you do, you will be jeopardizing
your results.

So, how can you quickly increase your confidence level?

Ask yourself this question and add your answers to this list
to give you even more options for success. I recommend
that you type this list up and place it where you can easily
review it when you need to.

1. It’s very helpful to breath slowly and deeply from your
diaphragm a couple of times. Close your eyes and notice
yourself relaxing, calming down, and allow yourself to feel
more confident with each breath. This can be done in less
than a minute.

2. Schedule a short time to get quiet, close your eyes and
meditate. As you start to do this, allow yourself to think
about things going very well. If other thoughts pop in, just
allow them to fade away and relax. It’s even O.K. if you
happen to fall asleep, just make sure you don’t oversleep
and miss your appointment! This will allow you to center
and relax. Try for 20 minutes, yet even 5-10 will give you
great results and allow your confidence to increase.

3. Create a list of things you have accomplished in your life
that you are proud of, things that might have been difficult
to do, that actually impress and amaze you that you
succeeded with them! Allow yourself to leverage this list
to instantly remind you that if you can do that, you
certainly can do what’s coming up! No Sweat!
Piece of cake! Bring it on!!

4. Look in a mirror and boldly tell yourself “I Can Do
This!!!” Tell yourself that not only can you do this, you are
the best person to do it.

5. Start Talking! Positive self-talk works wonders when you
need a pep talk or confidence boost and can instantly
bring you up to a higher confidence level. Tell yourself
that you have everything you need to make this call,
appointment, or event go very well with fabulous results.
And, mean it! : )

6. Just say, “NO!!!” If you have the option to reschedule
it to a better time when you are more rested, and feeling
better, do it! Remember, this is about being responsible
for your life and your confidence. You can call the
shots and ask for more time if you need to.

Remember that you are human. Don’t beat up on yourself.
There are always going to be times when you may not feel
like doing the particular activity that you have scheduled.

Personally, I actually love to market and close business,
yet occasionally, I just don’t feel at the level where I know
I need to be. Doesn’t mean I skip it, I just do it at a better
time that week when I’m feeling more like doing it.

All of the above ideas are easy and simple to do and take
very little time. Don’t kid yourself by thinking they’re too

They are powerful and if your confidence level could use
a boost in any area of your life, keep this list handy!

Here’s to you going for what you want with a wonderful
sense of confidence!


Copyright 2004-2005, Karoleen Fober

Copyright 2004-2005, Karoleen Fober


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Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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