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Keep Your Business Simple!

Karoleen Fober

Ever notice how sometimes your business can seem  overwhelming? Are things piling up on your desk? Do you feel like putting up your hands and giving up?

Don’t despair. You can keep your business amazingly simple ...and profitable!

In any business, there are usually 3-5 Key Tasks that you must execute to achieve your success. What are they? Isolate them and write them down.

Many of my financial advisor clients agree that the following are their 3-5 Key Tasks:
  1. Prepare for the appointment and create a written agenda.
    This allows you to make sure all the forms, information, and
    anything else you will need are gathered and ready and
    you’ll be following a track that is designed for success. Do this
    the week before your scheduled appointment. (This step is
    a must if you consider yourself a professional. Only amateurs
    would even think of skipping this one!)
  2. Have the appointment and check off each point of the  agenda as you go.
    Make sure you are prepared and propose or ”close” at least 2-5 products, solutions, or services at every appointment. Have the applications READY!!!
  3. Complete your follow-up tasks as quickly as possible after your appointment is completed (letters, phone calls for additional information, delegate to assistant any additional tasks, etc.).
    By doing this you will be able to close the file and be present for the rest of your appointments and not have  to stay late or go to your office on the weekends.

Now, we know there are several other tasks such as  marketing, getting appointments, paperwork, returning phone calls, reading the mass of information that piles up on your desk, and on and on that also need your attention.

Yet, the Key Tasks are the ones that you need to do FIRST to BE SUCCESSFUL!! Almost everything else can be done by someone else or needs to be done AFTER your Key Tasks are taken care of.

Remember, you can take care of your marketing by  coaching your clients to give you ideal referrals at the start  of every appointment. You can also set up your client’s next
appointment at the end of each appointment! Make sure you add these to your checklist on your Client Appointment Sheet.

When you have completed your Key Tasks, here is what  will happen:

  • you will have a sense of accomplishment because you  have taken care of the priority tasks that will keep you successful.
  • you will then have time to take care of anything else that you choose to do including time for your family, innovation for your business, even a golf game, fitting in your exercise time, or the occasional emergency that might pop up when you least expect.
  • you can begin to relax and enjoy your business because  you will be making the income you need and taking great care of your clients!

Ready to have a simple and successful business?... commit to doing your three to five key tasks FIRST...every week.

Here’s to keeping it simple,



About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach. She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business owners and other successful professionals.

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