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Completing and Celebrating Your Year!

Karoleen Fober

The end of the calendar year is drawing close and by now
you are wrapping up the year and maybe even a few

Ready for the Big Red Bow?

I have a saying that I enjoy using...Ēletís tie this up with a Big
Red Bow!Ē This visual is my way of saying, ďletís really
complete this and acknowledge the bigger gift. Letís make
it really beautiful... and solid in our minds... to provide
an anchor of excellence... for us to leverage for ourselves...
and bring forth as we move forward in our lives.

One great way to do this is allow yourself to pause for a few
minutes and consider and reflect on 2004.

I invite you to make a space to complete and celebrate your
year. Allow yourself the indulgence of time to treat yourself
to this exercise. Be as creative, authentic, simple or elaborate
as you care to be. Make it important...valuable...very worth

To assist you, here are some favorite suggestions and
questions that Iíve compiled and tweaked from my coaching
community collection...feel free to use some or all and tailor
them in the way that fits you best:

1. Make a list of the 25 accomplishments, successes and
wins in 2004 that you are most proud of. Allow yourself to
feel Good!

2. List the mistakes, regrets, things you wish you hadnít said
or done in the past year. Go ahead and clean them up,
if appropriate. Now, release yourself. Shift any leftover
guilt into learning, let it go, and renew yourself.

3. List the people who made a difference in your life this
year. Let these people know in some way.

4. What have I learned about myself this year?

5. What new perspective have I learned or been reminded
of this year?

6. What am I grateful for?

7. What old or new sayings, quotes or phrases were
important to me?...and WHY?

BONUS: How about a celebration in honor of you and 2004?!!
What would be fun...special...meaningful...even symbolic...
make you raise your head...maybe even grin?...

Whether you choose a two second nod to the brightest star
one clear night or a real wing ding with hats and balloons...
what matters is that you give yourself acknowledgement
and breathe in and out to celebrate the moments of your life.

Hereís to celebrating your Life!

Happy Holidays,


About the author:

Karoleen Fober is a business and life mastery coach.
She specializes in coaching financial advisors, business
owners and other successful professionals.

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