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"Karoleen strongly suggested I create my ideal schedule.  Before, I worked 4 and 1/2 days and I am now down to working 3 and 1/4. 

And, even in a down market, I have increased the assets I manage by 42% in the last 9 months.

With her help, I am totally upgrading my business."

Mark A. Karpfinger
Deerfield, WI

"Since I started working with Karoleen, my income is up over 32% and I am already on pace to double my fees."

George (Jay) Woerdeman IV  Sagamore Beach, MA

LIFE MASTERY NOW!  is the bi-weekly Business and Life Mastery Newsletter Dedicated to Helping You Get What You Want and Live Life On Your Own Terms.
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Life Mastery Now! Newsletter Archives
Issue: Topic:
10-04-01 Are You Creating Obstacles?
11-08-02 Keep Your Business Simple!
11-22-03 The Bonus of Gratitude
12-06-04 Your Most Powerful Ingredient for Goal Setting
12-20-05 Completing and Celebrating Your Year!
01-03-06 Give up a few beliefs!
01-17-07 How to Brainstorm
01-31-08 Are You Willing to be Wrong?
02-14-09 Do What You Love!
02-27-10 No More Winging It!
03-13-11 Focus on the Opportunities!
03-27-12 Are the Reasons for Your Goals “Juicy” Enough?
04-11-13 Be Attractively Confidant!
04-25-14 Introduction to Your Life!
05-09-15 What would you like to upgrade?
05-23-16 What Do You Trust That You Know?
06-06-17 Are People Stealing Your Time?
06-20-18 Do You Make Progress Every Day?


Face the Numbers!
07-18-20 Stop the Struggling!
08-01-21 Gauge and Evaluate Your Goals!
08-15-22 The Intention of Winning!
08-29-23 Do You Need to Write a New Story?
09-12-24 Help Your Clients Take Action!
09-26-25 Build Your Ideal Practice Now!
10-10-26 Be Responsible for Your Confidence!

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