All Inspired Referral Checklist

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When I am in front of a client I want ideal referrals from, I ask 100% of the time.
All of my clients know I want more business and who my ideal clients are.
I refer people to my networking groups and clients frequently.
I have a script that I use that I'm comfortable with and that works for me to receive all the ideal client referrals I want.
I know how to help people think of ideal clients for me by asking additional questions that will help trigger their memory.
Getting referrals is one of my top key tasks.
My expectation is to receive high quality referrals from every client.
I share with my new clients that I will be asking for referrals from the very first appointment.
I have an agenda sheet already prepared to collect the referral information as part of my appointment and keep it in my client's file to be updated.
My clients contact the person to let them know I will be calling or have them call me.
My center of influence and clients know what I will communicate with the people they refer to me.
I contact the referral within one week of receipt or the time requested by the referral.
I have a referral system that works and everyone in my office knows what the steps are and handles this system with care just like every other office system.
I send a thank you note when I'm given referrals.
I find out important information about the referral that will help me qualify them beforehand.
I have new file folders ready and space ready for new clients. My office is welcoming to new people, and there is nothing about my office that embarrasses me.
I send a thank you and gift certificate or gift of appreciation to both my new client and the person that referred them to me once they become a client.
I get 90-100% of my new business from referrals.
Your Results:
75 - 90
You're doing a great job of asking for and getting referrals!  You already know what a powerful marketing tool referrals can be.  

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41 - 74
You're working on it!  You know that getting referrals is your ticket to the top, you just haven't mastered the process yet.  

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18 - 40
Thank you for your honesty!  

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