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"I have increased the assets I manage by 42% in the last 9 months. With her help, I am totally upgrading my business.

I am now gathering more assets of my clients that I was not picking up before. And, I am getting better clients referred to me."

Mark A. Karpfinger
Deerfield, WI


"Since I started working with Karoleen, my income is up over 32% and I am already on pace to double my fees. 

The best part is I feel like I am just getting started. Iíve never felt capable of so much before!"

George (Jay) Woerdeman IV
Sagamore Beach, MA

Need a powerful marketing tool that will dramatically skyrocket your business?

The greatest marketing challenge most of us face is building our ideal business base.  The more ideal clients or customers we have, the better our bottom line becomes.  The problem is "filling the funnel" so our ideal customer base continues to expand and grow.

You've probably heard time and time again that asking for referrals is the way top performers effortlessly build an ever expanding client base.  Yet, when asked, many business people say they forget to ask for referrals. 

Over the past two decades, I have found that, more often than not, it's not a matter of "forgetting" to ask for the referral, but rather itís simply a matter of not knowing how to ask in a natural and easy way.  Most of us simply donít know the best words and phrases to use!!!!

After several years of doing a sloppy job of asking for referrals, I developed an easy-to-use-all-purpose system that caused my referral rate to skyrocket, and as a result, my earnings shot through the roof.  What made this the perfect system was I only had to deliver it once. Yes, thatís right, you only need to use this powerful profit tool once to get lasting results.  

Once you deliver this short script to your clients, they wonít need to hear it again. 

This method always works...and works better than you think it will.  In addition to generating an incredible stream of referral business, this technique also serves to STRENGTHEN your relationship with the client or customer with whom you use it.  You'll find this system makes it so your clients not only WANT to continue doing business with you but they want to encourage their friends, family, and business associates to do so, too! 

This exact script was used recently by one of my coaching clients.  He was stunned to receive 2 referrals in one week, each having $500,000 to invest!

Here is what another one of my clients has to say about the Referral S

ďI love this script! Itís so simple. I have one client that takes it upon himself to have every co-worker of his call me immediately when they are ready to retire and roll over their retirement plan. They donít bother to shop around. In fact, they have known they are to call me even before they are ready to retire! If you use this script it will work for you, too!Ē 

Financial Advisor, Northeast IA 

If you want a simple and short, yet extremely effective system that works incredibly well, order it NOW!!! 

The price of this system is only $149.95 for a powerful, step by step system that will change the way you do business.  

How much is a single referral customer 
worth to you and your practice?

This is the secret to working less and making more money.  If you're like most, your first referral will more than pay for the entire system. 

The entire system will be delivered to you via e-mail once you have completed the information below. 

If you're ready to unleash the power of this proven system, click below to purchase your copy.  If you'd like to learn more about becoming an affiliate, click here.

Thank you!

I canít wait to hear how valuable it is for you, too!

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