Top 25 Best Practices of Financial Services Professionals

  1. Incorporate innovation planning for continued business success.
  2. Charges enough for their time/advice and value.
  3. Have and follow a schedule that serves and rejuvenates them.
  4. Delegates tasks.
  5. Set boundaries to prevent interruptions.
  6. Maintain well-trained staff.
  7. Have their own financial plan and follow it.
  8. Have more than enough cash reserves.
  9. Use business systems that are complete and serve them.
  10. Fully using equipment: computers, Dictaphone, telephones, etc.
  11. Incorporates company compensation plan with goal setting.
  12. Work from the Attraction Principles.
  13. Have or are working on a designation and developing an area of expertise.
  14. Always follow through on key tasks.
  15. No longer operate from adrenaline.
  16. Have a great coach.
  17. Requests and receives ideal client referrals.
  18. Work with ideal clients.
  19. Require positive attitudes from themselves and those around them.
  20. Take extremely good care of themselves.
  21. Have neat, clean and uncluttered work spaces.
  22. Operate from solution mode instead of complaining mode.
  23. Manage 100% of client’s portfolio.
  24. Participate only in activities that they enjoy and are inspired to do.
  25. Under-promises and over-delivers

Which areas have you already adopted for your practice? Check those off. 

Circle the areas you want to add to your business plan. Prioritize them by writing below the three to five highest priority items you would like to accomplish over the next 3 months. Then get started! Contact Karoleen if you would like to accelerate the process.


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